Sales and installation
of passive components

Company Summary

Company Summary

Compat-Licencia Ltd. was founded in 1990 by Hungarian citizens. Since that time, the company has introduced several new up-to-date industrial products and technologies in Hungary and exported innovative high-quality locally-manufactured products into a number of neighboring countries.

Our present activity focuses on the sales and installation of passive components for copper and fiber-optic cable access networks manufactured by 3M Company (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA). We act as distributor for 3M Hungaria Kft. (1138 Budapest, Váci út 140.) and are a qualified vendor of Hungarian Telekom. We also maintain good business relations with other telecommunications service providers and network component retailers in Hungary.

Our main products

For Copper Networks

  • ScotchlokTM Connectors and Tools
  • SID Connection and Disconnection Modules
  • ID 3000 Main Distribution Frames
  • Insertion Tools and Accessories
  • ADSL Slitter Blocks
  • VDSL Slitter Blocks


  • Optical Closures and Splice Trays
  • Outdoor and Indoor Distribution boxes
  • Optical Connectors and Couplings
  • FibrlokTM Mechanical Splice
  • No-Polish Connector SC/APC for 250 and 900 μm fiber
  • No-Polish Connector SC/APC for 1,6 to 3 mm Drop Cable
  • PLC Optical Splitters
  • One-Pass-Fiber-Pathway Cabling System


  • DynatelTM Cable and Fault locators
  • Ball Marker, Mini Marker and Near-Surface Marker for Cable Path
  • Sheath Repair Products
  • Compound Sealing Kits
  • Tapes for Special Applications
Our main products



Office & warehouse

COMPAT-Licencia Fejlesztö és Kereskedelmi Kft.
1125 Budapest,
Kútvölgyi út 52/B
Tel: (1) 395-0581